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After Service

Warranty and Returns

Ait company for the sake of customers, the premise of providing quality services, products and sales to provide the following service.

Unless otherwise specified, the warranty period is generally 15 days to the delivery time shall prevail.
Product needs repair or replacement, the product should be sent to the address specified Ait companies, freight themselves.
The following does not belong Warranty Services range:
· Not in the direct purchase of goods Ait
· Not according to the product manual (printed or electronic documents) or manual work environment based on the indicated failure and damage caused
· Without Ait-approved engineer or other person written permission, repair, remove, replace, add components or accessories
· Accidents or other damage caused by force majeure
· Users damaged during transport caused when rework
· Due to the use of improper use of electronic equipment malfunction or damaged parts
· Non-Ait company sells products
· Random gifts, gifts or prizes

1 from the date of sale (to calculate the date of shipment) within 15 days (inclusive), the purchase of product performance problems, you can choose to return, replacement or repair.

2 the need for rework mail products, the company will decide Ait designated post, and is responsible for the postage to return the product one way, such as the return product during maintenance did not find any quality problems, returns International has other payments. Not the big-ticket items, the company will arrange for the relevant personnel Ait go Express Mail transportation, freight apply to pay.

3 Ait Company is not responsible for products or accessories caused by improper use of the user or third party damage and injury.