Product Name: AT-100
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Nowadays, peace development has been the main themes. But in recent years, because the conflicts amount among all nations, religions interest group are more fierce, social divide between rich poor increased gradually, individual western power politics, international terrorism upgrade continuously. Meanwhile, the ethnic separatist forces are on the rise, social instability increased gradually, illegal religious groups, cult horror, cause the violence unexpected events frequently, which are the great threats challenges to our social development, economic construction, the construction of a harmonious society people‘s life property safety.

In dealing with terrorism, violence, emergencies, anti-terrorism UAV plays an important role, especially can perform air patrol, reconnaissance, surveillance, forensics, search, propaga, airdrop tracking tasks in the complex environments. It makes up for the limitations of human other anti-terrorism equipment, improve the speed of response anti-terrorism efficiency, the cost is greatly reduced, grasp the best fighter, forming a strong deterrent force against terrorists, so criminals have no place to hide, reduce unnecessary casualties.

Counter UAV complementary with other air anti-terrorism forces equipment advantages, to form a joint defense, joint control, United played solid network, is a successful application of modern high-tech military civilian integration technology.

Product Description


Axis diameter: 1. 2M
8+2 Axis
Big load weight and long flight time
Hybrid power with Oil & Electricity
Payload capacity as twice as other multicopters with the same axis diameter.
Flight time is as 4-5times as other multicopters with the same axis diameter.

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