Product Name: Free Flight Airplanes RC Jets
Product N.O.: 22214/22215/22216
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X16/X18/X22, Art-Tech latest H-Lunched Gliders! Easy to fly, convenient for transportation, all-ages fitted,reasonable price, crash-resistance... EPO fuselage, super flexibility, small exquisite size, no harm to human.Fit for the flying range competition or games of airborne period,etc. Aerodynamics can be tasted through the flight.Great option for family party entertainment, both parents children can have fun enjoy the family harmony. Build up good health both to body emotion.
One small plane brings much more benefit.What are you waiting for? Come to fly!Easy to fly! Ready to fly!

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21077 PNP
22214 RTF $21.00

X16 Specifications:

Length: 408.5 mm/16.1in.
Wing Span:300 mm/11.8in.

X18 Specifications:

Length: 424 mm/16.7in.

Wing Span:326 mm/12.8in.

X22 Specifications:

Length: 434 mm/17.1in.

Wing Span:312 mm/12.3in.

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