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E8SIM is a newly developed 8 channel proportional controller for the E-FLY simulator of Art-tech. The LCD screen shows the voltage of the controller, features an auto-alarm when you are low on power.

Product Description

[Parameter index
Product type:E8SIM
Number of channels: 8
Charging jack: yes
3D switch: yes
Power supply: 12 V (1.5V * 8AA batteries) 
Voltage Display: LCD 
[Main Feature]
Comprehensive applicability 
E8SIM is compatible with the common simulator software, such as PhoenixRC,Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004,FMS etc. Here is a demonstration based on the PhoenixRC software.

Easy to use
Just three simple steps are needed to realize the simulated flight.
First, connect the audio cable to the PhoenixRC USB port; then connect the USB to the PC.
Second, connect the other end of the audio cable to the simulator port on E8SIM.
Third, turn on the simulator and start the software.

Innovative switch function for Mode I and Mode II 
According to the different favorite of Mode I & II, the mode switch function is adopted for E8SIM by just adjusting two screws on the back of the simulator, which will bring much more convenience for different model enthusiasts all over the world. 

More features of the E8SIM:
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen
This screen shows you the power-level in your controller.

Throttle-hold switch
This switch cuts the throttle to the idle position, so it is no longer controlled by the throttle stick. This is usually used to practice helicopter auto-rotations.

NOR-3D switch
This switch can also be called Idle-up switch, and sets the throttle curve to a “V” shape used for flying 3-d manoeuvres when piloting helicopter models.

Flaps/tilt-rotor knob(8CH)
This knob controls flaps when piloting fixed-wing models, and the engine nacelle angle when flying a tilt-rotor model.

Reset button(7CH)
Press this button to instantly reset the simulated model back to the default starting position.

Retractable landing gear switch(5CH)
This switch retracts or extends the landing gear on models equipped with this capability.

The following virtual reality animation show is for this product; if there is no display,please click here to install the plug insert.


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