Product Name: EFLY-4B 2.4GHz R/C System
Product N.O.: 3101L
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Before you operate this unit, please read keep this manual carefully. Please comply the proper procedures strictly, user must be responsible for the damages of radio system model or other loss caused by incorrect operation.

Product Description

Transmitter: E-FLY ETB41-2.4GHzx1
Receiver: E-FLY ER61-2.4GHzx1
Servo: AS-100 (9g)x3
Simulator cable: 1pcs
Radio neck strap (optional)
ESC: 30Ax1(Users can buy as spare parts)
Great Features:
Fully proportional 
High quality joystick
Servo reverse function 
Low voltage alarm
Trainer port available
Remote control
Precautions for keeping:
If it is your first using, please make sure the receiver can be controlled by the transmitter. If not, please rebind. Details can be found in Bind Process Description.the transmitter and the receiver must be bind again. More details ,ease refer to the process of frequency bind for 2.4 GHz R/C System.

Please do not turn on several RC devices and bind them at the same time, only turn on a set of RC device at one time.

Do not store the radio system in the damp, dusty and vibratory place, temperature over 40℃ or under -10℃ and direct sunlight for long time.

If there is a long time not for use, please take the battery out from the transmitter and keep it in the dry place.

Forbid to wipe the radio system with the organic liquor such as thinner, acetone and chloroform.

Do not throw away the using up batteries, please keep them in the metalloid container and transfer them to the environmental conservation institution.
On purpose of environmental conservation and low using cost , we suggest you use the rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

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