Product Name: EFLY-6CIII 2.4GHz R/C System
Product N.O.: 31061
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The CIII 6CH 2.4G radio is the latest developed product of ART-TECH RC Hobby. The 2.4GHz RC system uses digital frequency-hopping technology. It has enormous advantage compared with traditional system: no crystal, no frequency interference, short antenna length low power consumption.

Product Description

Product type: ETC62D-2.4GHz
 Number of channels: 6 
Charging jack: yes 3D switch: yes
 Power supply: 12V (1.5Vx8AA batteries) 
Modulation: DSSS 
 R/C distance: >=350m 
 Voltage Display: LCD 
 Color: Black 
 Antenna length: 15 cm 
 Using occasions: Airplanes, Helicopters 
 Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

  1.The new digital trimmer is adopted in the EFLY-6CIII 2.4GHz radio system which provides a more accurate trimming function.
  2.D/R, E.P.A, EXPO and Mixing function are programmable.
  3.Super convenient Mode I and II exchange function
  4. 4groups profram mixers.

  5.Throttle protection: in order to avoid danger of starting the motor of a sudden, when throttle hold switch is turned on, throttle output value is the minimum. When boot, for various reasons (location of the assembly, curve setup), throttle output value is not the minimum, the red LED flashes and alarm, as shown in the figure. The throttle lose automatically locked out for a minimum value, when the transmitter adjustment is appropriate (that is, the throttle output is the smallest), the transmitter is unlocked.

  6. 5point throttle curve and pitch curve setting.
  7. 5kinds of aircraft modes to choose, 12 independent aircraft data storage and call.
  8.All channel output dynamic display
  9.Ch1 ~ Ch6 auxiliary fine-tuning settings
  10.Ch5 two-state setting (gyroscope sensitivity setting for helicopters, landing gear set up for fixedwing planes).
   Flying time display: less than 1 minute seconds showed, more than 1 minute minutes showed.    Supply voltage display and low voltage alarm function: When the battery voltage is lower than 8.5V,the red LED flashes, and alarm.
   Ch3 ch6 general and 3D mode curve set for general helicopters and CCPM helicopters 
   Channel output reverse set.
   Restore the factory settings

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