Product Name: EFLY-F4II 2.4GHz Radio System
Product N.O.: 3H0B1
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F4II-2.4GHz radio system adopts the new FHSS digital technique, with inner antenna, creatively making use of 180 degrees rollover to achieve the switchover Mode I II , the switching operation is more flexible quicker than traditional remote controls one. More functions with throttle protection the new digital trimmer, low voltage alarm function with LCD etc.

Product Description

 Product type: ETF4IIDL-2.4G 
Channels: 4CH
Charging Socket: No
3D switch: No
Power supply: 6V (1.5Vx4AA batteries) 
Modulation: FHSS 
 R/C distance: 120m
 Voltage Display: LCD 
Color: Black 
Antenna length: built-in 
Range of Aplication: Airplanes,Helicopter 
 Certificate: FCC, CE, RoHS

This F type Transmitter works with matched Receiver,the Receiver set is integrated on Control Panel in fuselage. It owns high-power and low-power 2 versions. The former one(high-power) suits Art-Tech Diamond 600 EP glider,it`s Rated current 2.6 A,and the later one(low-power) suits Mini P-51B,Indoor Slow flyer and smaller classes products,it`s Rated current 1.6 A.

1. The New FHSS digital technique is adopted in the F4II-2.4GHz radio system with the characteristics as fast response, high precision and no jitter of rudder.

2. F4II-2.4GHz remote control is without including external antenna, creatively making use of 180 degrees rollover to achieve the switchover Mode I and II , the switching operation is more flexible and quicker than traditional remote control's one.

3. The trim will be kept the same after Mode I and II switchover. (It means that there is no need to re-adjust the trim which is the same trim with original direction of corresponding channel).

4. Throttle protection:

   4.1 To avoid danger while starting the motor suddenly, throttle output value can be locked to the minimum automatically when throttle is turned on .

   4.2 If throttle output value is not the minimum, the alarms after turning on the Transmitter and Model I and II switchover.

   4.3 The throttle value will be unlocked when the transmitter adjustment is appropriate ( that is the throttle output is the smallest one already).

5. The new digital trimmer is adopted in the F4II-2.4GHz radio system which provides a more accurate trimming function. 

6. Low voltage alarm function: When the battery voltage is lower than 5V, the red LED flashes, and alarms.

7.F4II-2.4GHz adds the LCD, it can  display in real time each channel's datas and radio's status information which make the control much more precise and appearance more impressive .

8. D/R function:According to competition manifestation model or Remote Control planes type, it's used when change the Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder throw.

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