Product Name: Falcon 3D Helicopter
Product N.O.: 11016
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Worlds first RTF helicopter with brushless motor lipo!
This item also includes ARF version (Only configured with motor) .

Product Description

Main rotor diameter: 630mm/24.8in

Tail rotor diameter: 152mm/6in

 Length: 670mm/26.4in

Weight: 530g/18.7 oz
R/C System: ETC61-2.4GHz-V2
Gyro: AR-EG301
Brushless Motor: B2040-16L V2
Battery: LI-PO 11.1V,1300mAh
Servo: 9gx4



Collective pitch for 3D flight
Independent gyro system
Reliable gear system
Accurate tail pitch control system
Tail servo mount for accurate rudder control
Reinforced carbon fibre tail rod
High intensity stainless steel shaft
Advanced version with brushless motor and lipoly battery

    This 3D helicopter is equipped with great brushless power system and small weight Li-po. battery, with collective tch and full symmetrical rotor. It can perform the aerobatics such as roll, dive, inverted flight and 3D perfectly. 

 High-quality aluminum case (for option)      


Spare Parts for 3D HELICOPTER




  Item No. H3D001
  Item No. H3D002
 Item No. H3D003
Ski Foot rest
Strengthen pipe 3×2×160
A arm Lever(1.2×63)
Hold for elevator servo




 Item No. H3D004
 Item No. H3D005
 Item No. H3D006

Main gear(big)M0.5×Z132
Main gear(small)M0.7×Z66

Ahead driver gear(M0.7×Z10)
Behind driver gear(M0.7×
Tail rotor gear(M0.7×Z20)

Stable wing arm(abs)
Fix sleeve for balance bar
Spacing sleeve for balance bar




 Item No. H3D007
 Item No. H3D008
 Item No. H3D009

 Cross shaft(3×48.5)

Tail shaft(2×45)
Tail cross shaft(4.2×14)

 Tail rotor wing grip




 Item No. H3D010
 Item No. H3D011
 Item No. H3D012
 Stable wing
 Tail rotor wing
 Main rotor wing grip




 Item No. H3D013
 Item No. H3D014
 Item No. H3D015
 Stable arm(metal)

Rotor wing head
Rotor wing control hat

Inside inclined tray
Outside inclined tray




 Item No. H3D016
 Item No. H3D017
 Item No. H3D018

 Main rotor blade

Triangle rocker arm

Vertical stabilizer
Horizontal stabilizer




 Item No. H3D019
 Item No. H3D020
 Item No. H3D021
 Total pitch arm

Shaft bearing with holder
Sliding bush




 Item No. H3D022
 Item No. H3D023
 Item No.H3D024
 Tail pipe(8.8×8×360)

  Tail drive shaft(3×370)

 Ball buckle




 Item No. H3D025
 Item No. H3D026
 Item No. H3D027
 Servo holder
 Tail control arm





 Item No. H3D028
 Item No. H3D029
 Item No. H3D030
 Tail pipe sheet
 Stay bar(4×4×160)




 Item No. H3D031
 Item No. H3D032
 Item No. H3D033
 Main rotor shaft(5×98)
 Balance bar(1.8×20)




 Item No. H3D034
 Item No. H3D035
 Item No. H3D036
 Spacing sleeve
 One-way bearing (6×10×2)




 Item No. H3D037
 Item No. H3D042
Item No. H3D047
 Lever sheath




Item No. H3D043
Item No. H3D044
Brushless Motor
Brushless ESC



  Item No. H3D045

 Item No. H3D046

 Li Battery


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