Product Name: GENIUS 500 Helicopter
Product N.O.: 11092
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Genius500 is equipped with CCPM with a fantastic appearance. Thanks to the big volume of out runner brushless motor,it gives sufficient power. It flies stably could do perfect 3D flight skillfully! With the good performance in the winds, it is very suitable for outside flying!

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP
11092 RTF $409.00

Genius 500 is equipped with new anti-sliding training frame, which can help those in intermediate exercise enthusiasts to practice more advanced acrobatic flight.

[ Product release date: 15.Oct.2009 ]

Length: 750mm/29.53in
Height: 270mm/10.63in
Weight: 1000g/35.27 oz
Diameter for main rotor: 780mm/30.71in
Battery: LI-PO 11.1V,2400mAh
ESC: 60A Brushless ESC
Servo: 17gx4

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Configured with the E-FLY100C 2.4G radio system, the Genius 500 helicopter can be controlled more precisely.

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