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flight. Its unique rotor head is specifically designed to provide the inherent stability of a coaxial helicopter, also provide the agile control of a single rotor helicopter. It is a piece of cake to move forward backward, also to be able to finish the knife edge, hover air route flight easily. It is the best choice for you to enjoy its indoor flying ,especially learning from the coaxial helicopters flight level.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP $199.00
11322 RTF $109.00


 Rotor Diameter: 270mm/10.6in
 Height: 148mm/5.8in
 Length (not include rotor blades): 250mm/9.8in
 Weight: 71g/2.5 oz 
 Flight time: >10minutes

R/C System: EFLY-4B 2 2.4G
Motor: N50 brushed carbon high-magnetism motor
Battery: 3.7V,420 mAh Li-poly battery
 Servo: 3.6gx2


 1.With the unique mechanical balance structure, this model has a characteristic of superb stable flight which is closed to coaxial helicopter.  
 2.Equipped with a built-in piezoelectric gyro sensor to ensure that the head lock function will be more precise.

 3.Configured with 4ch 2.4G digital R/C System and 2 pcs micro proportional servos.  

4.Configured with 3.7V 420mAh Li-poly battery, and flight time is more than10 mins.
5.Equipped with 3pcs of micro ball bearing, which makes the helicopter fly more quietly.

 6.Equipped with high scale LED lighting system, which makes the model more glaring.

                                            Spare Parts for Firefox


 Item No.41017

Item No.41027

 Item No.41037

 Tail motor frame set

 Landing gear set

 Main frame set


Item No.41047

Item No.41127  

Item No.41067

Main shaft set

Ball buckle set

Stabilizer set


Item No.41077  

Item No.41107  

Item No.41117  

Main rotor grip set 

Slowness gear set 

Swash plate set 


Item No.41087  

 Item No.41097

Item No.41057  

Red canopy set 

Blue canopy set 

Red Main blades set 


Item No.41137  

Item No.41147  

Item No.41157  

Blue Main blades set

Red Tail blades set

Blue Tail blades set


Item No.3A02A  

 Item No.3A02B

Item No.3F02C  

Main motor set 

 Tail motor set

Battery set 


 Item No.3R071

 Item No.35071

 Item No.36075

 PCB Board set

Servo set 

Chinese type AC adapter


 Item No.36076

Item No.36077

Item No.36088

American type AC adapter

UK type AC adapter

European type AC Adapter

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