Product Name: ATUH-20 Turboprop 4 Blade Helicopter
Product N.O.: ATUH-20
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ATUH-20 is a newly designed fully owned 4-Blade helicopter with features such as stable flight performance, big payload, less vibration hight prcision

Product Description

Full Size:2.7(L)mx0.7(W)mx1(H)m
Ceiling:0-1000 m
Speed:0-60 km/H
 Endurance:50 Min
 Control:10 km
Diameter of main rotor:2500 mm
 Diameter of tail rotor:410 mm

 Engine:JETCAT turboprop Engine Germany
 Servos:JR 130G Precision digital servos 
Material of blade:Carbon-Fiber
Fuel container:9.5(liter)


ART-TECH the UAV system adopted our full owned helicopter as well as overseas  helicopters. R&D on aviation inertial measuring unit and global positioning system, this would provide user a safety platform even if under severe environments.

1.Take off and landing: a 4 square meter platform is required, no block, auto take off and landing.

2.Real time monitoring: under the situation of disaster or waning of disaster, unmanned helicopter can reach the target as planned, pictures and video could be transmitted to disaster control center.

3.Positioning Monitor: unmanned helicopter is available to carry camera system, forward looking infrared, hovering above a target, especially monitor a certain irremovable target for details.

4.Disaster Estimation: through the video and pictures which sent by UAV,  its available for user to research and investigate into such as natural disaster, typhoon, wildfire, geologic hazard, etc.

5.Information sharing:  video taken by the UAV can be transmitted back to control center, compatible with other device and achieve information sharing is easy and workable, more importantly the video can be stored and processed afterward.

6.Electronic magnetic compatibility: EMC design aims to avoid some magnetic interference under certain electronic magnetic circumstance.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

Introduction of Autopilot
ATAP1.0 is a helicopter autopilot which integrated GPS, 6DOF and inertial measuring unit, magnetometer and barometer sensors,  workable at any circumstance and altitude, its still workable in case that GPS signal has been interrupted suddenly.

Remarks: Above parameters is reference to slow wind ( 1-2 grade), the precision would be less given that wind is above 3 grade 

Turboprop Power
Imported form Jetcat, SPT5-H is Engine designed for turboprop Helicopter only
Turboprop Engine Specification:
Power:8 KW (2-shaft-Turbine)
System speed during flight:125.000 1/min
Fuel:Kerosene Jet A1, Petroleum

Ground control system

1.waypoint setting, maximum 50 waypoints available.
2.flight course setting prior flight or modification during flight.
3.flight attitude monitoring.
4.flight speed, attitude and altitude can be displayed on the instrument panel. 
5.flight course checking.
6.reliable communication protocol, self-amendable during data interruption.
7.flight simulation.
8.customization available on telemetry control.
Video transceiver system

Video Transmitter
1.Multi-band direct conversion technology:150~900MHz/1.0G~1.7GHz/2.3G~2.7GHz (Optional)
2.Multi-bandwidth COFDM modulation technique:8/3.5/2.5/1.25MHz (Optional)
3.Multi-mode video compression:MPGE4 compatible MPEG2
4.High receiver threshold levels:Sensitivity-111dBm (10-6 BER@1.25MHz channel width)
5.Advanced Encryption Standard:AES with 128 encryption to prevent illegal reception
6.DVD image quality:no mosaic, a good preservation of the final map
7.Support non-line-of-sight (NLOS) transmission
8.Support high-speed mobile transmission
9.Manual key adjustable output power:50mW~500mW, to facilitate the field to change the power to reduce the radiation
10.Manual keys for 8 channel options:to facilitate the field to change the frequency to avoid interference 
11.Low power consumption:6.5W @ Pout = 500mW 
12.Volume size:92mm x70mm x24mm (excluding connectors) 
13.Light weight:270g (excluding batteries outside the distribution)
Portable Ground monitor
1.Multi-band direct conversion technology:150~850MHz 
2.Multi bandwidth COFDM modulation technology:8/3.5/2.5/1.25MHz. (Optional) 
3.Multi video encoding standard. MPEG4/MPEG2
4.High receiving threshold level:Sensitivity -111dBm (10-6 BER at 1.25MHz bandwidth channel) 
5.Provides a wide range of external interface:the main channel interface, including AV video interface, Ethernet standard interface (10/100BASE-T adaptive), Des-channel RS232 interface data interface, GPS data interfaces and two-way voice interface, which can be two-way voice and contact center voice. 
6.Powerful hard disk data storage and search functions:to support the 4G and 8G high speed CF card storage
7.GPS positioning functions:If the transmitter is equipped with GPS and open the module, GPS receiver can receive real-time information, the use of dedicated video player, you can view real-time latitude and longitude of the transmitter, speed and other information. GpsGate integration software and mapping software, real-time view of the transmitter location on the map. 
8.Bring their own large-capacity battery:charge 1 to 8 hours more than normal use

Case Review
Power-ling Monitoring 
System Contents:
ATUH-20/Turboprop Heli ATUH-20
Autopilot: full autonomous with GCS
Video transceiver available: 10KM
Pan&tilt: 3 axis. Camera: Sonic HXR-MC1P
Subject: power-ling UAV handover
Provided by: ART-TECH R/C HOBBY RECIPIENT: Power control Department
Mission: Power line Monitoring
Inspection date: 30th Dec. 2009


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