Product Name: Diamond 600 EP R/C Glider
Product N.O.: 22171
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Art-techs latest Diamond 600 EP R/C Glider,keeping the clipper-built design with excellent performance from the range of Diamond Glider 600. With the characteristics of strong power, higher cost efficience, mini size, easy to operate. Use the backward pusher power system, safe easy to carry. The whole set is made of EPO flex foam, with strong impact resistance, which is the best choice for family leisure party, also as the gift.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP
22171 RTF $125.00

 Weight:150g/5.3 oz 
 Flying time:10min
 R/C System:EFLY-4F 2  2.4G
Motor:N60 Brushed
Battery:7.4V,800mAh Li-Poly

1.600mm wingspan, lightweight and easy to carry, it can fly in a small airspace indoor and outdoor (like the inside and  outside stadiums);

2.Adopt the backward pusher power system, higher safety, hobbyist can fly it as want.

3.The main wing with large dihedral angle, considering of the stability of the big wingspan glider and the dexterity
of the light plane.

4.The whole set is made of high impact EPO flex foam, reliable frame with crash-resistance. 

5.With the new designed 2.4G F type R/C system, easy to switch the Mode 1&2, and feel of its comfortable.













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