Product Name: Wing-tiger trainer V2
Product N.O.: 21206
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It is a 500 class EPO-material trainer with module design, strong power

steerable nose wheel!

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP $199.00
21206 RTF $299.00


 Wing Span: 1265mm/49.8in
  Length: 1170mm/46.1in
 Height: 334mm/13.1in
  Weight: 1100g/38.8 oz

  R/C System: EFLY-4B 2  2.4GHz
  Brushless motor: DAT-1000
  Li-poly Battery: 11.1V,1800mAh
  20A brushless ESC
 Servo: 9gX4

 The first big Class 500 EPO-Made trainer airplane,the model incredibly strong and durable even in a crash.  
 Nice appearance, gliding line, much less flying resistance to fuselage.  
 Front landing gear turns slightly allowing the aircraft to be more manuverable on the ground for easy take off.  
 Configured with the DAT-1000 Brushless motor, the aircraft has sufficient driving power.  
 Module designed and easy to repair.  

Spare Parts for Wing-tiger trainer V2




 Item No. 5Q013

 Item No. 5Q023

 Item No. 5Q033

 Main wing set

 Tail wing set

 Fuselage set




 Item No. 5Q041

 Item No. 5Q051

 Item No. 5Q032

 Landing gera set

 Control horn set

 Propeller set




 Item No. 3F023

 Item No. 5Q022

Item No. 33012

 Li-Po battery


 ESC(20A brushless)


 Item No. 5Q042

 Item No. 5Q101


Motor mount



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