Product Name: 500Class Sbach 342 3D R/C Model Airplane
Product N.O.: 21692
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Art-techs 500 class Sbach 342 is the first 3D radio controlled airplane with Side force Generator on the main wing. With the characteristics of high imitation, excellent performance, high thrust weight ratio, the Sbach is one of the best choices for you to experience the 3D aerobatics.

Product Description

 Length: 1150mm/45.3in
 Wingspan: 1250mm/49.2in
  Height: 370mm/14.6in
  Propeller: 12x6
 Weight (Without battery): 1340g/47.3 oz
  Flying Weight (with battery): 1610g/56.8 oz

 R/C System: EFLY-4BⅡ 2.4GHz
  Motor: Out runner brushless ST3511 
 ESC: 40A brushless
  Servo: 9gx2,17gx2
 Battery: 14.8V,2500mAh

1.The whole plane is strictly designed according to high-simulation, with excellent scale details and vivid flight attitude, they would embody the real plane's characteristic.
2.Thrust-Weight ratio> 1.3, good stability, it can perform all 3D aerobatics, such as suspending flight, inverted flight and spins. 
3.Equiped newly increasing flank tablet, which helps to finish Knife Edge operation easily. 
4.Made of durable and crash-resistant EPO foam and engineering plastic.
5.Easy to assemble and convenient for maintenance.

                                           Spare Parts for 500Class Sbach 342 





 Item No. 5201C 

 Item No. 5202C 

 Item No. 5203C 

 Item No. 5204C 

 Fuselage A 

 Fuselage A-A 

 Fuselage B 

 Fuselage B-B





 Item No. 5205C 

 Item No. 5206C 

 Item No. 5207C 

 Item No. 5208C 

 Main wing A

 Main wing B 

 Cowl A 

 Cowl B





 Item No. 5209C 

 Item No. 5210C 

 Item No. 5213C 

 Item No. 5214C 

 Canopy A 

 Canopy B

 Horizontal wing A

 Horizontal wing B 





 Item No. 5215C 

 Item No. 5216C 

 Item No. 5217C 

 Item No. 5218C 

 Rudder A 

 Rudder B 

 Main landing gear A 

 Main landing gear B 





 Item No. 5219C 

 Item No. 5220C 

 Item No. 5221C 

 Item No. 5222C 

 Side force generator A 

 Side force generator B 

 Spinner A 

 Spinner B 





 Item No. 52079 

 Item No. 52019 

 Item No. 3302S 

 Item No. 3F029 


 Propeller adaptor

 ESC 40A Brushless 

14.8V 2500mAh Li-Po battery 





 Item No. 35029 

 Item No. 35031 

 Item No. 3A03H 

 Item No. 5228C 

 Servo 9g 

 Servo 17g 

 Brushless Motor ST3511-KV700 Out runner 






 Item No. 5211C 

 Item No. 3F015 



 Controlling tail wing steel wire 

 Controlling aileron steel wire 


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