Product Name: ASK-21 Glider
Product N.O.: 21331
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As a famous training glider, Art-Techs ASK-21 is super scaled with very excellent gliding ability long flight time.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21334 PNP $219.00
21331 RTF $259.00


  Wing span:2000mm/78.8 in
 Length:1000mm/39.35 in
 Weight:760g/26.75 oz

  R/C System:EFLY-4B 2  2.4GHz
  Motor:DST-1200 Out runner Brushless
  ESC:20A Brushless
 Battery:11.1V,1300mAh/3s Li-Po


 1.Being with RG-15 Speedily airfoil and 2m wingspan.  
 2.Made of EPO material and has good capacity against resistance.  
 3.Configured with powerfull brushless motor,its flexible and stable operation
 4.Easy to assemble and transport  

 5.Configured with 2.4G radio,no frequency interference


Spare Parts for ASK-21 Glider




 Item No. 51019

 Item No. 51029

 Item No. 51039

 EPO Fuselage set

 EPO Main wing set

 Horizontal tail plane set




 Item No. 51049

 Item No. 51059

 Item No. 3A01Q

 Cabin set

 Propeller set

 Brushless motor




 Item No. 3302A

 Item No. 35023

Item No. 41411

 20A Brushless ESC


 Li-Po battery


 Item No. 36012







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