Product Name: MiniMoa Glider
Product N.O.: 22095
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The most classic of Germany Glider very famous in history.With scale & unique appearence of sea mew wing realistic flight performance, Excellent stability & superior performance.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
2209C PNP $179.00
22095 RTF $229.00


  Wing span: 2000mm/78.7in
  Length: 980mm/38.6in
  Weight: 720g/25.4 oz
  Time for staying in the sky: >30min
 Motor: DST-1100 Out runner brushless
 ESC: 20Abrushless
  Battery:11.1V,1300mAh (Li-Po)

     Propeller spinner is made of ABS& aluminium alloy and with the folding propeller.  
    With scale & unique appearence of sea mew wing and realistic flight performance.
     Made of high-strength,engineering plastics and anti-throw of EPO material and has good crash resistance against.
    Excellent stability & superior performance.
    More than 30 mins gliding time,it is the best choice for flight.
    Configured with wheels, which will make it convenient to glide when landing.  
     The world's first 2.4GHZ radio system with functions of wireless trainer and innovative switch for Mode I and Mode II.  

  Spare Parts for Minimoa glider




 Item No. 51016

 Item No. 51026

 Item No. 51036

 Fushlage set

Main wing set

 Horizontal tail plane




 Item No. 51046

 Item No. 51056

 Item No. 51066

 Vertical fin set

 Cabin set

 Nose cowl set




 Item No. 36039

 Item No. 3F025

 Item No. 35023

 Charger set(220V)

 Li-Po battery(11.1V,1300mAh)

 Servo set




 Item No. 3302A

 Item No. 3A01Q


ESC (20A Brushless)

 Motor set(DST-1200)

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