Product Name: Diamond 1800 Glider
Product N.O.: 22101
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Art-Tech First powerful Glider with 1800mm wingspan:Diamond 1800 Glider

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
22102 PNP $219.00
22101 RTF $259.00


     Wing span:1800mm/70.9 in 
     Length:1080mm/42.5 in 
     Weight:900g/31.7 oz
     R/C System:EFLY-4B  2  2.4GHz 
     Motor:DST-1200 Out runner B rushless 
     ESC:20A Brushless 
     Battery:11.1v,1300mAh/3S Li-Po 

 1.Being with 1.8m wingspan.  
 2.Made of EPO material and has good capacity against resistance.  
 3.Excellent copy carbon Lamination canopy.  
 4.Configured with wheels, which will make it convenient to glide when landing.  
 5.Propeller spinner is made of ABS and with the folding propeller.  
 6.Easy to assemble and transport.  

                               Spare Parts for Diamond 1800




 Item No. 5101D

Item No. 5102D 

Item No. 5103D 

 Fuselage set

Main wing set 

Tail Wing set 




 Item No. 51066

Item No. 41411 

Item No. 35023 

 Vertical fin set

Battery set(11.1V,1300mAh) 

Servo set




Item No. 3302D 

Item No. 3A01Q 


20g Brushless ESC set

Brushless Motor (DST-1200)set



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