Product Name: ASK-21 JET R/C Glider
Product N.O.: 21337
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ASK-21 JET is Art-tech s newest glider product, which owns unique pusher ducted fan design. It is configured with powerful brushless motor, adopts RG-15 high-speed aileron, 2m wing span perfect gliding performance. Also it possesses beautiful aerodynamic shape curve of the fuselage, wing angle anti-structure with the effect of self-correction of the flight attitude. In a word, this is one ducted fan glider deserve to have.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21338 PNP $219.00
21337 RTF $265.00

     Wingspan: 2000mm/78.8 in
     Length: 1000mm/39.35 in
     Aerofoil: RG-15
     Weight: 965g

  R/C System: EFLY-4B  2  2.4GHz
     Motor: AE2810 out runner brushless, KV4100, improved 64 ducted fan
      ESC: 40A brushless
      Battery: 11.1V,1800mAh/3s Li-Po 
     Servo: 9gx4

1.Unique pusher ducted fan design with powerful dynamic.
2.Adopts RG-15 high-speed aileron, wing span with 2meters and perfect gliding performance.
3.Wing angle anti-structure and with the effect of self-correction of the flight attitude, ensure more stable flight.
4.Bottom of fuselage with front and rear wheels design, which helps roll taking off and landing. 
5.ABS plastic collision avoidance, enhance fuselage structure. 
6.Whole plane adopts EPO material, which is crash-resistant.
7.Easy assembly and suitable for leisure flight.

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