Product Name: 100 Class Mini P-51B R/C Model Airplane
Product N.O.: 21731
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The 100 class Mini P-51B have been faithfully reproduced by Art-tech. This terrific model not only looks great, but has the smooth, stable flight performance that makes it a perfect choice for the novice or more experienced pilot! The small but powerful 100 class brushed electric motor give you more than enough power for taking off. Due to its light weight, the Mini P51B is capable of flying very slowly, but equally is more than capable of mild aerobatics, making it a great all round fun model. With its stability the ease of user, the Mini P51 B is idea for beginners.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP
21731 RTF $119.00

      Weight:35g/1.2 oz
     Thrust-Weight Ratio:1
      R/C System:EFLY-F4 1  2.4G
     Flight time:5mins
     Battery:3.7V,150mAh/15C Li-Po
      Servo:1.7 gx 2
      Channel:3CH (aileron, elevator, throttle)

1.Easy to carry and suitable for flight in the small area (like indoor stadium).

2.Designed and manufactured of sophisticated technology, to ensure a stable flight performance;

3.With 3ch, throttle, aileron, elevator, which assure the model is with an excellent controlling capability.

4.Adopt magnet adsorption system to connect fuselage with main wing,easy for maintenance.

5.The fuselage is with EPS material. The main wing and horizontal tail is made from pearl plate heating process, which make sure the Mini P51 B is with a great appearance and crash resistance.


Spare Parts for 100Class P-51B





 Item No. 5201H 

 Item No. 5202H 

 Item No. 5203H 

 Item No. 5204H 

 Fuselage Set 

 Main wing set

 Tail wing set

 Landing gear set





 Item No. 5206H 

 Item No. 35121 

 Item No. 3F02V 

 Item No. 5205H 

 Propeller set

 2g servo 

 Li-Po Battery(3.7V,150mAh) 

 Power system

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