Product Name: 400 Class Waltz R/C Model Airplane
Product N.O.: 22158
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Art-techs latest Waltz is a classical style radio control model aircraft. With the characteristics of excellent flight stability, classical, streamlined shape, beautiful color scheme design gracefully flight gesture super stable flight performance, the Waltz is a perfect choice for the novice or more experienced pilot! The Waltz is made from EPOFLEXY so it is tougher more durable than most other foamy model, which will bring a smile to any pilots face.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
22151 PNP $139.00
22158 RTF $175.00

This product has obtained the patent and the patent number is 201120495538.6

[ Product release date: 20.Jul.2012 ]

      Wingspan: 1180mm/46.5in
     Length: 916mm/36.1in
      Height: 320mm/12.6in
      Propeller: 7x4
      Weight (Without battery): 340g/12 oz
      Flying Weight (with battery): 420g/14.8 oz

Configuration (BRUSHED VERSIONS):
     R/C System: EFLY-4B 2  2.4GHz
     Motor: 380 brushed
     ESC: 10A brushed
      Servo: 9gx2
      Battery: 7.4V,1300mAh Li-Poly battery

     R/C System: EFLY-4B 2  2.4GHz
      Motor: BM2408-21 brushless
      ESC: 10A brushless
      Servo: 9gx2
     Battery: 7.4V,1300mAh Li-Poly battery

1. The Waltz is with a triple dihedral angle and oval-shaped wing tip on the wing design. With excellent flight stability and the beginners can get used to it quickly. The main wing is designed with a new structure and it can connect together quickly and conveniently. Art-tech has applied a patent on the special main wing already.

2.Classic shape, sleek design. Available with two kinds of beautiful color scheme and it sure the Waltz is with a unique temperament.

3.The internal structure of the Waltz is solid and reliable; one end of the fiberglass fuselage tube is connected to the motor directly and there is two aluminum alloy tube connected in the connection areas (between the main wing and fuselage) to reinforcement the strength. This special a design make sure the waltz has a good strength and rigidity.

4.The canopy is with magnet design, easy to maintain.

5.The front landing gear is made of carbon fiber rod material; ensure high strength and easy for installation and removal.

6.Made from EPO foam material, FRP fiberglass fuselage and engineering plastics manufacturing, which ensure the Waltz is with a stable performance and superior durability.

7.In order to meet the requirement from different level of customers, Art-tech provides both brushed and brushless version of Waltz. Competitive price on brushed motor and powerful for brushless motor.

8.There is an inlet and outlet runs through the nose and fuselage, which will help to reduce the high temperature of the motor and other electronic parts and will play a protective role on it.

                                           Spare Parts for 400Class Waltz





 Item No. 5210B 

 Item No. 5211B 

 Item No. 5201B 

 Item No. 5202B 









 Item No. 5212B 

 Item No. 5203B 

 Item No. 5214B 

 Item No. 5206B 

 Main wing(Red)

 Main wing(Orange) 

 Horizontal wing(Red) 

 Horizontal wing(Orange) 





 Item No. 5213B 

 Item No. 5204B 

 Item No. 5215B 

 Item No. 5207B 









 Item No. 5205B 

 Item No. 5208B 

 Item No. 54071 

 Item No. 54061 

 Controlling rudder & Elevator steel wire 

 Main landing gear 







 Item No. 5209B 

 Item No. 5220C 

 Item No. 3302N 

 Item No. 33019 

 Propeller adaptor(Brushless)

 Propeller adaptor(Brushed)

10A Brushless ESC 

10A Brushed ESC 





 Item No. 45051

 Item No. 3A03F 

 Item No. 3A02E 

 Item No. 3F02S 

 9g Servo 

 Brushless Motor

 Brushed Motor

7.4V,1300mAh Li-Po battery 


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