Product Name: Diamond 1000 Glider
Product N.O.: 22192
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The Art-tech Diamond 1000 Glider is allowing new users to experiment with the basics in RC flight controls. Made from light, flexible, crash resistant EPO foam, this forgiving glider will be able to hle the most inexperienced pilots, allowing you to fabricate your skills effortlessly.

Product Description

Model No. Version Price(USD) 
21208 PNP
22192 RTF $175.00

     Wingspan: 1000mm/39.4 in.
     Length: 777.5mm/30.6 in.
     Weight(with battery): 410g/14.5 oz.
     Wing surface: 12.6dm2
     Wing load: 32.4g/dm2

     Battery: 7.4V 800mAh Li-PO
     ESC:10A brushed ESC
     Motor: R380M-4046-57RB brushed motor
     Servo: 8g*2 

1. Wingspan 1000mm,excellent gliding performance.
2. Simple structure,easy to build,convenient to carry.
3. Novel and unique wing plug-and-lock design.
4. Configured with landing gear, convenient for landing
5. ABS canopy with foldable propeller

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