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Model Aircraft Sport
    Modern air movement into free flight model line manipulation, radio remote control, simulation, and electric and other five categories. Press the power mode is divided into: piston engines, jet engines, rubber powered model airplanes and model unpowered glider. Maximum lift area of 500 square decimeter aviation model; maximum weight of 25 kg; piston engine maximum working volume of 250 ml.
Competition subjects aviation model are: blank time, flight speed, flight distance, stunt, "air", etc. World Championship features 30 projects, held once every year. Aviation model also has a special recording of the absolute record of project results.
    Aviation model movement started in the forties of 1947 held its first national competition. After the founding of New China, in the 1950s established the organization and guidance institutions, training a group of technicians, aviation model mass movement to flourish, sport has improved rapidly. October 1978, China joined the International Astronautical Federation (FAI), 1979 onwards into the world arena. 1998 ended, our players had access to 19 world champion; 58 people 59 times to break 31 world records.
    Vitality aviation model movement is it fun and informative. Handmade model aircraft flying in the blue sky, ride the water, tend to make young people produce beautiful reverie, motivate them to keep pursuing. Participate in this activity can also learn a lot of technical knowledge, both good mental and physical training and good hands to overcome difficulties enterprising and excellent quality, and promote the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical.
    More rapid development of the domestic model aircraft movement, the more famous model aircraft hobby forum for the exchange have 5IMX, 5IRC, sea and air models, models and other three countries, more professional training center in Nanjing Yufeng model aircraft model aircraft training center.