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Talent Concept
Employing the concept:
Meritocracy, it really must be used, so that people have the opportunity to officers, the Director Stage one can do nothing, people standing there treatment.
Employing principles:
First, the principle of ability and integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with the overall measure, ability and political integrity, insisting that no virtuous is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, moral and can be neglected.
The second is "the effect of" principle. Using it on, do not look at academic ability to see, do not look to see the level of diploma, no matter in what capacity, what qualifications, what age, as long as doing good, doing better than other people, outstanding performance, it boldly, entrusted with the task .
Third, the principle of practice first.
Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest.
Fifth, "everyone is a talent" principle. In human use, eliminating modeling and mystification, so that people and should amount only applies. As long as the right positions to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is a sense of talent. We follow this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, character, etc., to arrange a suitable relative positions, so that their talent before they do their best.
Ait personnel return plan:
2014, New Ait independent innovation as the driving force for the sails financial capital to make the vision of a global leader in model aircraft, with "a flying round your dream" for the mission, in a timely fashion, "Ait talent return program" - ------- talents ever to work in Ait-off research and development, marketing, production, management, and other aspects of the start-return program.