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Company Culture
Art-Tech's vision : To be the Global Leader of R/C Models.
Art-Tech's mission : To Make your Flying Dream Come True.
Brand DNA : Love
Brand Slogan : Enjoy life, Enjoy flight
Brand Culture : "1love2 special 3 innovation 4 quality 5 degree"
    "1love"     ------ People with deep and sincere feelings of things, love, love, love
    "2 special"  ------ special ( Pursuit of the combination of art and technology,Beyond the     usual,Twelve years of research and development of hundreds of products,Unique(The pursuit of a     unique business model )    
    "3 innovation"------Technology innovation, innovation, marketing innovation
    "4 quality"   ------"Quality, character, taste and character \", to do things such as life, the     pursuit of taste and good reputation   
"5 degree        ------Visibility, esteemed, reputation, loyalty and association degree

Art-Tech's The outlook on life: Positive and optimistic  Passion to work   beautiful life
Art-Tech's values : Initiative positive, health, sports, educational concept of leisure life 
Art-Tech's Cooperation: Strategic cooperation Partners and win-win
Art-Tech's quality: The customer is supreme all staff participation Continuous improvement The pursuit of       excellence