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The Founder of Art-Tech

Weidong, Lin
Secretary General of Chinese Securities Law Seminar Equity Financing and Listing Committee
President of Shenzhen Eastwind Corporation
Vice Secretary General of Chinese Marketing Protection the Enterprises Rights Listing Committee  
Deputy Director of ShenZhen Chaoshang Chamber of Commerce Laws Listing Committee
President of Shenzhen Art-Tech R/C Hobby CO,Ltd


The Chinese Aerospace Program has recently gained worldwide attention for its highly successful spacewalk mission. Due to the rapid development into the Chinese Aerospace technology sector , Shenzhen Art-Tech RC Hobby Co. Ltd has committed itself to be the leader in Industrial Grade "Remote Controlled and unmanned UAV aircraft. Since there have been new developments in Chinese airspace laws and regulations , it has now opened up new and exciting opportunities into the use of Un-Manned UAV or Radio Controlled  aircraft market. These new laws will allow for more diverse opportunities in the"Chinese Aerospace Industry".


Art-Tech RC Hobby Co Ltd will be engaged in modern aviation technologies that specify certain strategies in the emerging industries during the 12th Five Year Plan period (2011-2015). According to the State Council, strategic emerging industries are defined as sectors that are based on major technological breakthroughs,  and address major development challenges.This policy document intends to promote and develop energy saving, next-generation information

technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy vehicle industries. Art-Tech RC Hobby Co. Ltd is determined to take full advantage of these new policies.

Art-Tech has been a leading innovator in R/C model aviation technology since 2002. With 12 Years of strong technological development and growth, Art-Tech RC Hobby Co. Ltd has been able to obtain sales exports into more than 80 countries worldwide !


Art-Tech RC Hobby Co. Ltd, has recently invested large sums of money to develop its UAV department with its own series of unmanned aerial vehicles such as power patrol, geographical information surveying and mapping , environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry and plant protection and the forest fire prevention in 2009, which has been approved by provincial leadership and the Chinese military.

Art-Tech RC Hobby Co. Ltd will re-focus its attention on brand awareness and new product promotion starting in 2014. It will rely on its strong technological entities, talent reserves and financial strength. Art-Tech RC Hobby Co Ltd, will take every effort re-emerge and as continued leader in the aviation field of technologies that will have an strong presence well into the future.